POS terminal

Get to know the smart functions


Many practical features in one handy device

card Card Pay

Accept VISA and Mastercard. You can easily verify the credit card holder's signature on the terminal screen.


applepay Apple Pay a Google Pay

Mobile, wristband or watch payment. Enable customers to pay quickly in their favorite way.

Link to cash register

Get all-in-one solution and connect your terminal to cash register systems.


2in1 Link to VCR

Connection of the terminal with the 2in1 virtual cash register - an excellent solution for small and medium-sized businesses.

MO/TO + pre-authorization

Payment made without the physical presence of the payment card. To pay, simply enter your card details. A practical feature for regular customers, often used in the hotel or car service segments.

Features for the easier work of staff

Wi-Fi a 4G

The terminal is lightweight, with compatible dimensions. No need to be tied to a location, connect to Wi-Fi or a 4G network and be fully mobile.

If you move away from Wi-Fi with the terminal, the device will automatically switch you to 4G without interrupting your connection.


A popular feature not only for the gastro segment. After entering the bill amount, the terminal prompts you to enter the final amount, which already includes the tip.

You can also choose the amount of the tip as a percentage. The terminal automatically separates the account items and displays the amount of the tip separately.

E-meal cards

Allow customers to pay with meal cards. Ask our helpdesk for the possibility to accept e-meal cards, more payment methods for customers means more sales.

At our terminals we accept meal cards from the following: doxx, edenred, callio, up dejeneur, benefit plus

Active helpdesk

Our helpdesk is available every day from 8:00 AM - 8:00 PM. Do you need help? Call us and we will be happy to assist you. The remote access of our helpdesk to your device allows direct connection to the terminal screen. Focus on your work while we solve the problem without the need for your assistance.


Manual closing at the end of the accounting day and a summary closing to check the status of the amount of all payments received. Need to check individual transactions in real time? With the Transactions function, you always know the current status since the last period closing.

Payment cancellation

Did you enter the wrong amount or need to cancel the transaction for another reason? With the Payment Cancellation feature, you will refund the last transaction back to the customer's card at no charge. The terminal prints a receipt for the customer and also for the merchant. This document is simply entered into your accounting records.

Get to know other features

Variabile symbol

Assign a variable symbol to the transaction. Customers can pay their invoice by credit card directly via the terminal. You don't have to wait for online payment. The variable symbol will be displayed on the receipt, which you can simply pair in the accounting system.


All companies in one terminal. Don't pay for multiple devices, 1 terminal covers up to 10 companies. Get a new terminal in just 5 working days.


Easy integration

Integration of the payment terminal is simple. We offer a choice of multiple protocols to integrate your device. PAX, NEXO, ZVT, AXA PRO2

Maximum safety

All payments are protected by 3D Secure 2.0 technology. We are a licensed payment institution, operating under the supervision of the National Bank of Slovakia.


Currency switching

Have you accepted € and need CZK? Send funds to your account in the currency of your choice.

Fast authorization

Customers don't have to wait for a long payment process, confirmation of a successful transaction will come within 2 seconds.

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