Besteron a.s. anti-money laundering and terrorist financing concept


The company Besteron a. s., with registered office at Teslava 20, 821 02 Bratislava, Slovak Republic, ID number: 47 866 233, entered in the Commercial Register of the District Court Bratislava I, section: Sa, Insert No.: 341/B is a payment an institution authorized to perform payment services on the basis of a license granted pursuant to Act no. 492/2009 z.z. on payment services by Národná banka Slovenska (hereinafter referred to as the "Company") . As part of its activity The company applies strict rules in accordance with the applicable legislation of the European Union and the Slovak Republic v the areas of money laundering prevention and the fight against terrorism, especially the provisions of Act no. 297/2008 about protection against the legalization of income from criminal activity and protection against the financing of terrorism and recommendations Methodological guidelines of the National Bank of Slovakia no. 4/2019.

The company has developed its own Protection Concept in the fight against money laundering and financing
of terrorism (hereinafter referred to as the "AML concept"). The AML concept is enforced by the statutory bodies and the supervisory board Companies. It is also taken into account in the organizational structure by creating a separate department and designation responsible person for the area of ​​AML.

The company has created a Program of its own activity, which is regularly updated and which is accessible
to all employees. It is prepared with regard to the subject of the Company's activities, the clientele, as well as
offered services.

The AML concept contains basic principles that the Company applies in relation to clients, as well as in
relation to own employees. All employees undergo annual AML training.
The company adheres to the "Know Your Customer" principle. As part of this, it identifies and verifies the identification clients, obtains information about the purpose and nature of their transactions, and in learned cases ascertains ownership relationships and final users of the benefits, finds out whether the client is not on the sanctions lists, all information archives and monitors the business relationship according to the requirements of Act no. 297/2008 Coll.

The company does not enter into business relations with clients who refuse to identify themselves.

The program of own activity contains an overview of forms of unusual business operations, each business is
judged in terms of its unusualness. All business operations evaluated as unusual are in
according to the law, reported to the Financial Intelligence Unit.


In Bratislava on 1 October 2022